Diary of a High Street Conveyancer; 24th June 2021

One week to go….. it is exhausting, draining and tiring, both mentally and physically.

Unless you work in the property market, it is difficult to comprehend what it is presently like.

It feels like a treadmill  on which we are continually running but not getting anywhere! But the end is in sight. I think that we know that the transactions which are going to complete by the 30th are almost ready, and it is too late now for any late comers  – or so you would think?

But in this world of instant response – one click and there’s the answer, one click and you can buy pretty much anything  – clients do not understand why it’s not just a click to send and receive a search, a click to order mortgage monies. Who would ever believe that we still have fax machines?

And when some believe that buying a house is, or should be, as easy as buying a tin of beans, we need to educate clients to understand what it is that we do – we are making sure that their and their lender’s monies are spent on something that will sell in the future; we are making sure that the seller is who they say they are; we are making sure that there are no risks with the house, such as flooding; we are making sure that the loft conversion was done correctly and that there is no danger that the would-be purchaser will fall through the ceiling; when it comes to exchange of  contracts we need to be sure that the client does not end up with no house or two houses!

And the list goes on…

When you think of it in that context, it is a big responsibility. In those moments over the next week, when you think about how hard the job is, how tired we all are, and how we would love to sit in the sun for a few days and not have to check emails, think about how many  house moves you have done in your working life, and how many people’s dreams you have made come true. You did that… you made it a reality.

Count how many people you have done that for, and then give yourself a pat on the back.

I hope your today was like mine; I felt like I’d finally made some progress on my treadmill… today was the day when we would be able to be more definite about who was moving by the end of June.  There may be a few stragglers where we find we can get them done, but we should all now know who is moving and who is not.


This is written by a real high street conveyancer who wishes to remain anonymous. Read more in Today’s Conveyancer all this week…

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