‘Twas the night before Christmas… Diary of a High Street Conveyancer

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all over the land
conveyancers closed laptops, turned off the broadband
a large sigh of relief , looking forward to some fun
one year is over, and a  hard job well done.


It started last year with Covid 19
the first full lockdown the country had seen
but houses still sold and people still moved
the importance of conveyancing was soon to be proved.


Then lockdown was lifted and chains starting to move
life  gradually seemed to be starting to improve
but then there was the Budget – hurrah for Rishi
he gave us a holiday – but for SDLT.


Let’s all sell our houses – the market went crazy;
no time at all  for conveyancers to be lazy
come back from furlough, get back to your desks
oh look at this house – how picturesque.


He told us the break would end in March
we scurried around; check for that rentcharge
but as the market started to strain under pressure
it felt as if to our desks we were tethered.


And then out of the blue, he gave us till June
all over the floor, the files were strewn
with checks to be done and monies to be ordered
on the edges of stress, conveyancers bordered.


And now it is over – and life seems to be slowing
with far fewer house moves now ongoing
we stop to reflect and think back on this year
and think of the agents and our lovely cashier.


We think of those clients who have all moved house
no sign of damp rot, or infestation by mouse
check the electrics and service the gas
make sure that all certificates showed as a pass.


We think of the agents who had agreed deals
the memos of sale, the documents sealed
calling us daily and chasing us weekly
all done with a smile and asking us sweetly.


We think  of the office and all of the files
increasing so often, growing in piles
the contracts, the searches, the offers from banks
all done with a smile and the promise of thanks.


We think of the contract with conditions unreasonable
the title with covenants which appeared quite feasible
the Help to buy ISAs, the defects in leases
and with some, people’s dreams falling to pieces.


The calls to be made, the contracts released
the market moves quickly, the prices increased
and all of the time the pressure just grows
this will end in September – that much we all know.


So now after Christmas, normality returns
we think back on this with lessons we learned
take time for yourself; and please have a rest
this year has been hard , and we have all been stressed.


So thank you for reading my diary every week
the musings and thoughts from the High Street
we worked hard and did what was right
the future is bright – and to all a good night.



This is written by a real high street conveyancer who wishes to remain anonymous. Read more in Today’s Conveyancer every week.

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