Diary Of A High Street Conveyancer – 11th May


I thought it would be busy with telephone calls asking me about the Prime Minister’s statement last night. But it was quieter than ever and I had to phone myself to check if the phone was working  – the same as you do when you are a teenager, waiting on a call!

More guidance was due out at around two o’clock, but even when that was released, there was nothing substantive which related to house moving.

However, I have seen this evening some guidance about working in other people’s houses which covers cleaners and builders, but also covers surveyors.

Perhaps this will then be extended to estate agents, but my initial thought is that it is not just an estate agent visiting a house, but members of the public who want to view.

Thinking that through, you can see that the more houses some one views, the more danger is that they will catch or pass on the virus , so it is potentially dangerous.

On the other hand, a surveyor visiting a property to carry out a survey is invariably alone, can make arrangements  for the owners to be out so that there is no contact with another person, and as the guidance indicates  that doors should be left open  , it would be possible  – although still quite an anxious time.

I have seen nothing about removal companies – and that is the key to  releasing the chains for  those who are waiting to move.  There is a suggestion that there may be more guidance throughout the week so I shall watch that carefully.

The guidance is changing all the time and it is just important to stay on top of what is  being said so that we can give the best advice possible to our  clients.

Life is like riding a bicycle   – to keep your balance, you must keep moving

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