Demand for Business Development Managers hots up within law firms

Recent research carried out by EMR, a marketing recruiter, has shown that the demand for Business Development Managers (BDM) has intensified.  The increase in demand has led to one in two BDMs who tender their resignation receiving a counter-offer from their current employer.
The demand for BDMs though is hottest within law firms with 70 per cent of legal services marketing hires being business development roles.
The salaries of BDMs at management level have increased by 5.5 per cent in 2011, taking the average annual salary to £58,000, a staggering 16 per cent higher than other marketing professionals, which could explain why more than two out of three BDMs who are offered a new position are forced to choose between multiple roles.
The trend of hiring extra business development managers rather than hiring more solicitors or conveyancers to do the work could mean that instead of working one or two overnighters a week you could be doing as many as four, just to keep your head above water.
On the face of it this is good news for the job situation in the UK but unnecessary stress in the workplace is already prevalent within conveyancing and this could just compound the issue.
Should firms be concentrating on expanding their business without taking into consideration the need to have additional solicitors to meet that demand?
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