Countrywide Begins ‘Phased’ Re-Opening

Countrywide have announced they are beginning a ‘phased’ approach to re-opening their branches, after the Government gave the green light for the English property market to re-open after weeks of reduced activity in lockdown.

The large corporate agent, however felt the need to defend it’s position in the way it was opening it’s branches, when smaller agents seemed to be a lot quicker off the mark.

To defend it’s position, the organisation distributed a statement highlighting that their “priority has been, and will remain to keep our people safe and protect our customers.”

The statement also explained that the ‘phased’ approach was due to modifications and risk assessments being conducted to ensure branches and officers are ‘Covid-secure’.

With the news that physical valuations can now occur, it seems that the English property market is continuing to pick up where it left off.

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