The Conveyancing University – providing a pathway for tomorrows property lawyers

Two Conveyancing centric law firms are pleased to announce their collaboration on the start of a brand-new training and development programme, designed to upscale and grow their own super conveyancers.

Continually striving towards innovation, Leicestershire based firm JS Law have joined forces with DC Law to create the Conveyancing University, with an aim to help engender customer centric conveyancers who go the extra mile.

The comprehensive programme sets out to cover a range of professional and practical topics, equipping attendees with transferrable skills which they can track the progress of.

Looking at the process from the clients perspective has been essential in the creation of the programme, particularly in relation to the enormity of the house buying and selling process and the scale of the decisions which people are required to make.  Recognising this, ensuring that clients are looked after and properly guided through the transaction process has remained at the core throughout the University’s development.

A  training centre on site at the Market Harborough office ensures that employees are put first, with the training carefully tailored to the individual. Acknowledging that people process information at different speeds, individual progress is tracked stage by stage and delivered at a pace which works for the employee. JS Law became the first CLC regulated practice approved by the Scottish Qualification Authority as a training provider to deliver the new Level 4 and Level 6 Diploma in Conveyancing Law and Practice. An additional achievement and reason for staff to pursue a professional qualification.

Self-development is one of the key outcomes of the course, and for both firms, the importance of providing a clear and concise plan for each individual was key. The ability to track progress is important on both a professional and personal level, as well as being able to assess  and identify any gaps in knowledge which need to be improved.

Forward planning is important and with a three- month training timetable, work and capacity is set to ensure that customer service levels are not affected.

Classroom to desk, the skills transfer seamlessly through combined practical and theory work combined. A reflection of this, the comprehensive programme includes a range of topics, all with an aim to build on existing skills and help develop new ones.  Whilst the essential technical and legal areas are designed to enhance the conveyancer’s depth of knowledge, the programme aims to enhance soft skills too, covering positive client relationship building as well as customer service.

The Conveyancing University will set up its graduates to be practical and pragmatic, equipped to deal with all that a varied caseload can throw up, all whilst providing the clients with a strong customer centric service.  For all too long, overworked Conveyancers, stretched by heavy and demanding caseloads have meant that they are often faced with having to deal with upset clients who do not feel looked after.

Led by Kevin Smith, Managing Director, the focus on high quality conveyancing coupled with excellent legal training and customer service is the operational blue print that they hope to build on in both firms, creating teams of dedicated and compassionate conveyancers offering a top-class service nationally.

The launch of the University was borne out of JS Law’s success with staff successfully obtaining professional licenses, nurturing and upskilling incumbent staff is far better for morale and more cost effective for the business;

Commenting on the launch of the Conveyancing University, Sunita Chauhan, Head of Legal Practice at JS Law said: “The ethos of JS Law has always been to provide an ongoing training programme to their staff, and to “grow their own Conveyancers”.

“It is the aim of the Company to encourage its staff to make the most of the learning opportunities and to realise their personal potential and increase enjoyment of their role.  The exciting new SQA in house courses mean that their staff can attend all the modules for both level 4 and level 6 during their working day. They can also sit the assessments in the work place without having to attend college, or be involved in distance learning.  The tutor is always on hand to deal with any queries which arise during the course of the qualification and this in turn enhances their day to day knowledge in their practical working environment.  It is hoped that the courses can also be fast tracked at a pace to suit staff that have had the necessary Conveyancing experience and wish to qualify quickly.

“We are very much hoping that other CLC Firms will take on this great opportunity and follow in our footsteps in growing this profession.”

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