Conveyancing Information Executive Launches

A new trade body designed to raise data quality and content standards in property searches used in the conveyancing process has officially launched.

The Conveyancing Information Executive (CIE), founded by Groundsure, Landmark Legal, SearchFlow and Geodesys, has released a new set of Standards and Code of Practice to maintain and improve the quality of information conveyancing professionals and stakeholders in the home buying and selling process receive.

A CIE press release stated:

“The purpose of the Conveyancing Information Executive (CIE) is to raise data quality and content standards, in property searches used in the UK conveyancing process.

“With the conveyancing industry evolving and the growing role of technology and data, the establishment of the CIE is timed to fill the void that exists around data governance, provenance and transparency. All CIE members recognise the importance of these principles, as they are enshrined within the CIE Standards and Code of Practice.”

The founders and directors of the new Code of Practice have used their collective experience to set a ‘robust and comprehensive’ baseline which they believe will improve the quality of searches.

The CIE is now accepting applications from all stakeholders involved in the conveyancing industry.

Chris Loaring, Managing Director, Landmark Legal and Argyll Environmental said:

“Landmark Legal has been at the forefront of the property data industry for over two decades and, with digitisation, AI and open source data set to increase its footprint in the conveyancing industry, we all face new challenges. In particular, there is a need to carefully balance the progression made possible by technological advances with a renewed focus on the underlying data foundation on which they are based. We believe that the Conveyancing Information Executive makes this possible.

“The CIE aims to provide a rigorous and transparent approach to property search governance standards, with data integrity, accuracy and transparency underpinning values in the overall provision of conveyancing search products, both today and in the future.”

What impact will this new trade body have on the conveyancing sector?

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