Conveyancing demonstration model launched by JET

JET, the recently launched online conveyancing system now has a demonstration available on their website.

Following JET’s launch in July JET Convey has now announced that the website “carries an easy to follow demonstration of the system”.  The system works with conveyancing professionals and lenders in a bid to reduce fraud and negligence cases.

Head of Distribution for JET, Alan Dring, commented:

“Since launch we have been encouraged by the response that lenders have given to the model but appreciate that the conveyancing fraternity often takes a little longer to change from well established practices.  We developed the demonstration, which takes just 7 minutes, to show how easy it is for conveyancers to introduce a system that will help them convince lenders that they are treating the threat of fraud and negligence seriously.  At the same time it gives them confidence that in challenging times, with the implications of the SRA’s Draft Supervision and Enforcement Strategy for Conveyancing casting a shadow over the profession, they are doing all they can to protect their panel status.”

Now more than ever conveyancing solicitors need to be vigilant and protect themselves and their clients.  It is also imperative that they show lenders a willingness to take all necessary steps to protect against risks.  By using JET you can ensure that you have systems in place that will enable all staff levels to adhere to the lenders’ handbook.

Paul Smee, CML General Director, says:

“It is always good to see innovative products which help those involved in the housing market to counter the very real problems of fraud and negligence.”

Julian Sampson, a solicitor and Partner with Wright & Wright Solicitors, who helped develop JET comments:

“Being a solicitor I fully understand the decisions that face conveyancers and believe that the demonstration will help many in my profession to make the decision to review their in-house systems to ensure they are doing all they can to ensure they follow the lenders’ handbook and keep the interest of the lenders at the heart of the process.”

JET hopes to remove the risks associated with fraud and negligence, to see how it works I recommend you take a look at the JET website.

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