Conveyancing community share ‘strange’ enquiries

Professionals in the conveyancing community have taken to social media to share some of the amusing enquiries they have received from a client’s solicitor as part of the conveyancing process.

Hannah Dowling, took to LinkedIn to share one of the stranger enquiries that she has received.

Her post read:

“We note from the Memorandum of Sale that three chickens are included in the sale. In relation to that, please confirm:

” a) a provision may be inserted in the contract to this effect;

“b) the chickens are in good health and were vaccinated prior to acquisition;

“c) how old are the chickens?

“d) whether there is a chicken coup (sic) at the Property and if this is included in the sale;

“e) whether they lay eggs; and

“f) if a chicken dies before completion, it will be replaced at the Seller’s cost.”

Naturally, those in the community who saw this post, reacted with humour, but were shocked to discover that it was indeed a serious request.

Clare Fanner commenting on the post, wrote:

“Jokes aside THIS (sic) is what gives the profession a bad name. Shocking. Slows things down, takes more time, inflates cost.”

This enquiry got us thinking at Today’s Conveyancer, about what other amusing enquiries had been made in other transactions as part of the conveyancing process.

We took to LinkedIn to ask the community what other odd requests we’d received. Safe to say we were undated with those that have given you a smile. Below are a sample of some of our favourite ones.

Katie Hannigan, Conveyancing Executive shared her experience:

“”Could the seller please advise whether any catacombs run underneath the property” It was actually a drainage ditch near the property. I thought I was on for something exciting for a minute. My solution would be….ask your client carefully that they are sure it’s a catacomb before raising the enquiry.”

Hannah Mitchell, Conveyancer, wrote:

“Selling a second floor flat. Buyer’s lawyers: ‘Please confirm if the property benefits from a conservatory?’ Me: ‘We are selling a second floor flat.’ Buyer’s lawyer: ‘yes but our enquiry stands’.”

Laura Godfrey, Associate Solicitor, wrote:

“Enquiries asking me to register unregistered properties prior to sale because (in the other ides words) ‘you can’t sell unregistered land’.”

She added:

“Constantly get queries from conveyancers outside the areas about our local nuclear power station, Hinkley Point. Have actually been asked whether my client has ever experienced any problems with the nuclear power station…I wanted to reply that I hope not because if they had then the whole area would have.”

“I work in Somerset and deal with many rural properties. I very often get asked to ask my selling clients to “improve Wi-Fi speed” and to have properties connected to mains gas and mains sewerage. Some city conveyancers can’t seem to understand that in the rural countryside we don’t always have gas lines, very often your waste goes into a big tank in your garden and in certain villages there may be just a couple spots where you can actually get Wi-Fi let alone get it in your house!”

David Keighley, shared these two enquiries:

“We are instructed that your client is staircasing simultaneously with the sale. Please confirm the exact nature of the problem with the stairs at the property.”

“Is there a history of any illegal activity being carried out at the property? Property was called ‘Smugglers Cottage’.”

Ryan Letts, Conveyancer, shared this:

“Has there ever been any paranormal activity at the property. If so please provide further details.

“Think I counted at the time this was the 44th enquiry on that matter.”

Sarah Galvin, Associated Solicitor, wrote:

“My all-time favourite was “please confirm that the seller will remove the pole dancing pole from the bedroom”. Cue awkward conversation with my somewhat elderly seller client who explained that it wasn’t a dancing pole but was in fact fairly key to the structural integrity of the property and was holding up the bedroom ceiling 🙂 (sic).”

Julia Burgess, Conveyancer, added:

“My all time favourite is: ‘Who supplies the radon gas to the property?'”

What ‘strange’ enquiries have you had to raise for your clients or received from a client’s solicitor?

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