Conveyancing and Twitter: How to handle criticism

Conveyancers are not always the most twitter savvy, a problem I also share!  A couple of tweets I have seen recently criticising conveyancers made me think about how best to respond to this type of criticism.

A couple of weeks ago at the Law Society Property Section conference I managed to be late for one of the sessions and trying to be discreet I sat at the back.

In the dimmed light Lady Fate decided it would be fun to engage the clumsy side of me and I managed to sit on half the chair then fall off and land in a heap on the floor. A loud thud disturbed the meeting whilst I tried to avoid a fit of the giggles.

When calm returned what I didn’t expect was a a tirade of "humorous" comments from a group of well meaning conveyancers in the audience which continued for a couple of days. What was worse was that whilst all these tweets were forwarded to my email address I had forgotten my password and wasn’t in a position to deliver a quip or ready reply.

And that says everything about twitter, a timely response is the key.

Last week a at 5.45pm on evening a member of the public tweeted "Really angry with the rude, inept,& unprofessional solicitor [name of panel manager] provided us with.  Straightforward #conveyancing made painful."

Any conveyancer or panel manager would hate to see their brand described this way. 

The brand that had been slighted responded within three hours "Sorry to hear about your experience.  A member of our team is contacting you now to resolve the issue."

Within minutes the client said: "We appreciate your quick response and trust matters can be rectified without further acrimony."

That was at 9pm at night.  I believe this timely response made the conveyancing panel manager look positive, responsive and if they cared.

Another conveyancer on the same day had one of their clients tweet: "@[firm name] please get back to me! Have been trying to get a response for 2 days!"

I let this firm know about the comment and their response was to call the client on Monday.

Comparing what the public can see about the two comments I think the proactive response looks much better.

Do you know how to monitor your brand on twitter and other social media?  Do you know how to respond properly?  We can help.

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