Conveyancers face disciplinary hearing after alleged housing process fraud

Two conveyancers are facing a disciplinary hearing following an investigation by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

The conveyancing solicitors from the West Midlands were scrutinised by the SRA after they acted for numerous clients who dealt with the sale of their homes through a ‘fast sale’ property website.

Conveyancing solicitors, Meena Kumari and Teena Kumari Banga are alleged to have processed house sales that left vendors who used the website substantially out of pocket.

The case follows the West Midlands police investigation into, who offered sellers a quick-sale service so they could get their hands on cash quickly than it would normally take. It is purported that website bought the properties off distressed vendors but paid them a lot less than their market value. The two conveyancers facing a hearing were contracted and involved in the handling of the sales.

The BBC reports that Meena Kumari and Teena Kumari Banga have to attend a hearing over allegations that they carried out conveyancing transactions fraudulently. The SRA disciplinary hearing will be on the 21st June but both conveyancers have told the BBC they do not wish to comment before the hearing.

The SRA disciplinary hearing will decide whether they acted with dishonesty in conveyancing transactions and knew to be fraudulent or broke money laundering regulations.

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