Consumer survey reveals high levels of satisfaction for conveyancing services

A recent consumer survey has revealed high levels of satisfaction for conveyancing services.

This is according to a study from the ESTAS Group, which gathered responses from over 5,000 people who had recently completed a property transaction.

Of those who responded, 90.6% ranked their conveyancer as ‘excellent’ when asked about the level of satisfaction with the overall service received. 86% rated their legal professional as ‘excellent’ where punctuality and keeping to deadlines were concerned.

The responses were gathered through the ESTAS feedback platform, enabling firms to request a service review from the client which they then return confidentially. Firms are then able to use this to monitor their own performance levels.

As well as the areas which gathered a generally positive response, the survey also revealed the areas which consumers feel could be improved. For example, being marked as ‘excellent’ by 75% of respondents, explanation of legal terminology received the weakest score.

Commenting on the results of the survey was Simon Brown. The ESTAS director stated: “By the very nature of The ESTAS Conveyancer Awards, we do attract firms who already prioritise service delivery so the scores we received from their clients for each question are high.  We are able to spot areas where property solicitors can improve however, with the explanation of costs and legal terminology at the lower end of the scale – hopefully this is a useful barometer that conveyancers can take on board – and also be assured that by and large they are doing a great job for their clients.”

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