Comparison Website now Ranking Solicitors

In the age of price transparency, the future of legal services has been uncovered with the increased services to website ReviewSolicitors.

The site has grown from strength to strength since its creation in 2015. They have now linked with Google to allow users of the premium service the option of merging their reviews.

The ranking system will carry a level of sophistication by combining 80% of user feedback with 20% of other user experience considerations.

These include reviews, recommendations from clients, firm accreditation as well as negative scores if a firm has issues with the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal, negative reviews or Legal Ombudsman dealings. An algorithm will then create the results based on ratings as opposed to the size of the firm.

Saleem Arif, Chief Executive, said: “We have had interest from highly rated firms on our platform that want to be able to differentiate themselves from their competition online on something other than price.

“There is also considerable demand for transparency from clients who want to know which are the outstanding firms for particular areas of law.”

Currently, the site has enjoyed over two million visitors in the past year with 800 firms using the service to collect reviews.

If you are a solicitor that wants to win best solicitor for your area, best solicitor in your practice or best law firm, then get ready to ensure your prices, services and expertise are second to none.

With the imminent arrival of price transparency, it will become increasingly important to differentiate your services and expertise in order to set yourself apart from the rest.

As December approaches and legal service providers amalgamate to transparent fees and services, will comparison sites of this nature become the norm. When people still value recommendations when choosing their legal service, will sites like this improve both user understanding and a firm’s business? Are you ready for new regulations in December?   


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