CML Future of Conveyancing Conference – the outcomes.

The CML Future of Conveyancing Conference was held last Thursday at the old Prudential Assurance building in Holborn.
The ornate distinctive red brick building dominates that part of Holborn as an impressive building of a by gone age.  The kiln fired tiles inside the building created the sense that they building had once been the hub of a very impressive bastion of Britain.
In its day the building was fit for purpose, represented the ethics and values of the people that worked within, and was something people had been proud of.
At some point in the past Prudential have moved out.  Presumably because the building no longer met their needs.  No longer did they need a wonderfully magnificent building in a congested part of London and the owners sold it. The building is now a conference venue run by De Vere.
The hub of activity and power that the building once represented is gone. You can only tell it was once an important building if you take time to look at the historic ornate plush fittings that surround you.
So what has this got to do with the CML Conference?
Well it was the venue for nearly 100 people from lenders, conveyancing practices, title insurers and “panel risk management” businesses attended.
The conference was subject to Chatham House rules so we aren’t really able to tell you what was said other than Chatham House rules led to a full and frank debate amongst the delegates about the future of conveyancing.
Michael Coogan as Chair used his experience and skill to draw from the congregated professionals their views and considerations.
I wont go into the details because of the Chatham House rules other than to say the Future of Conveyancing appeared much like the building we were in.  It was once fit for purpose and was a place that people were proud of, but was clearly no longer suitable for what the modern age needed from it. 
The building we were in had found a new role and function for itself and was gainfully used. 
The question is if the conveyancing process and market is presently not fit for purpose what will be the changes that will ultimately resolve this?
The conference was well worth the time and money and was incredibly thought provoking.  If you weren’t there you probably should have been. Maybe you should go next year.
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