CLC provide Simplify update

The CLC has provided an update regarding ongoing matters resulting from the Simplify Group cyber attack

The CLC today provided an update stating that it has been in constant touch with managers at Simplify since the incident was first reported. The regulated law firms within the Simplify group that were involved in the incident were Premier Property Lawyers, DC Law and JS Law.

The CLC states that its priorities have been to ensure the security of client monies, the progression of transactions as soon as safely possible, and that clients should be able to move to another conveyancer if they felt it appropriate.

In addition to daily contact by email and phone the CLC says it has conducted two in-depth face to face meetings on site, in addition to another comprehensive online meeting to review progress in all areas this week. The CLC says it will “continue to monitor very closely adherence to the CLC’s regulatory requirements in the interest of client protection“.

In today’s update the CLC commented:

Simplify rightly took a cautious approach to the restoration of systems and developed different processes to enable transactions to progress. The group continues to make progress and this is reflected in the steep fall we have seen in the number of contacts from Simplify’s clients to the CLC from a peak in the second week after the incident.

As always, the CLC is responding to all contacts and complaints it receives. Service complaints, including issues of delay, should be addressed first by the practice and referred to the Legal Ombudsman if the complainant is not satisfied. Simplify has increased their complaints handling resource to ensure that they remain compliant with the CLC’s regulatory requirements.”

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