Choosing a conveyancer online growing – 29th March 2010

How the public choose a lawyer is the subject of further research released this week.   The Gazette has reported that research commissioned by has found that just over a fifth of clients would use the internet to find their conveyancer.
As the internet has changed everything from buying books to purchasing tickets for air flight it looks as if the public are now happy to purchase intangible services like law and this trend is likely to increase. 
Other research has supported this figure with the SRA finding 26% of potential clients would use on line information as part of their purchasing decision.
For those solicitors with static or dull web sites firms like Fridays potentially could take market share.    Search Engine Optimisation, Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter there appears to be a whole new set of skills a successful conveyancer needs to succeed.
However conveyancers shouldn’t forget that a majority of people still rely on work of mouth or informal recommendations from friends and colleagues. 
With the price of sponsoring conveyancing or home move in google adwords continually increasing lawyers must adopt efficient on line marketing strategies to gain business. 
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