Cardiff City FC support the Matterhorn Challenge

The Matterhorn Challenge has now received the support of Cardiff City Football Club. Geraint Aubrey along with Gareth Evans and Gareth Richards (Conveyancing Association Members and Directors of the Conveyancing Foundation) met the Cardiff City team at their Vale of Glamorgan training ground. The team offered their encouragement and support to Geraint for his climb whilst also taking the time for some pictures.

Everyone at Cardiff City wished Geraint well in his quest to summit the Matterhorn peak, including a good luck message on twitter:

Geraint is about to start his preparation and acclimatisation in the Swiss Alps and has just seen the Matterhorn first hand. As you can see from the photo he sent us, the peak looks absolutely formidable:

Geraint will be spending the next few weeks in the Pennine Alps area that borders Switzerland and Italy in preparation for his epic adventure of triumphantly conquering this pyramid monster.

Any help you could provide in raising money for the worthwhile cause would be greatly appreciated. For example, it costs £120 a year for one child to have a monthly session of music therapy at home, helping a life-limited child to express themselves, improve their co-ordination and importantly relax from the daily challenges that face them.

To find out more about the Challenge or to make a donation to support Geraint please access the website at Conveyancing Fundraising.

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