Can conveyancing be sold on twitter? Optima Legal Direct clearly think so.

Many conveyancers are slow to adapt to changing technology and marketing methods and even when they do adopt new methods the execution and up take can be rather mixed.
The large Conveyancer Optima Legal Direct seems to have embraced the new age of social media and has over the last few days suddenly changed the way in which conveyancing is promoted on twitter.
Many firms send the odd tweet to keep people informed however Optima have today been sending about three tweets an hour often using repetitive or very similar messages.
Whilst you can follow Today’s Conveyancer on twitter we have to hold our hands up and say we are still learning about this whole new market place however the sheer volume of tweets from Optima stand out from what others are doing.  We wonder if it will work for them.

For those of you that don’t tweet we have taken a screen shot of some of today’s tweets to give you an idea of how they are promoting themselves.

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