Buy to Let mortgage products more than doubled since 2010

Mortgages for Business recently launched the MFB Complex Buy to Let Index which tracks buy to let loan size, property value, loan to value and yields with the results being published quarterly.  According to the latest Index the number of buy to let products has more than doubled since Q1 of 2010 with an average of 142 products available.  The figure for Q1 2011 has more than doubled to an average of 298 products.
David Whittaker, Managing Director at Mortgages for Business, commented:
“As the owner-occupier market continues its slow ambling advance through no-mans land the private rental sector is flourishing. Unprecedented demand from renters is encouraging professional landlords and investors to grow their portfolios and this demand has been met to some degree by lenders expanding their BTL product ranges, particularly in the vanilla section of the market.
But savvy investors know the best returns are available from more complex deals. House of multiple occupancy and multi-unit freehold deals can offer yields of nearly 10% which is a staggering return on investment when compared to the meagre returns offered by savings and investment funds.”
With the increase in buy to let products which conveyancers do you think are likely to do well?
In the calm before the storm of ABS will the smart conveyancers, the ones who know they need to change, be offering a landlord remortgage service?
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