British Majority Favour New Build Construction In Local Communities

Levels of people in support of more homes being built in their local area has plateaued in 2018. 

57% of the population are looking for more new homes being built in their local area, according to ‘Public attitudes to house building Findings from the 2018 British Social Attitudes Survey’ conducted by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG). 

These figures are identical to those reported in 2016 and 2017, highlighting a long term trend of support for increased home building in the UK. 

In 2010, only 28% of respondents wanted new homes being developed in their local area, with this figure rising to 47% in 2013 with those in support now making up the majority.  

Furthermore, those opposed to new homes being built has also declined since 2010, halving from 46% to 23% in the present. 

Unsurprisingly, given the divide in the nation at the moment, the gap in attitudes in regards to increasing the construction of new homes widened last year with those strongly supporting new construction rising from 14% to 18% and those in opposition increasing from 5% to 6% between 2017 and 2018. 

Polarisation has also widened between a number of differing demographics. Respondents who already owned a home were more likely to oppose new developments (28%) when compared with private renters (15%) or social renters (13%). 

Similarly, age was a huge factor in those opposing new homes with only 14% of those aged under 25-years-old worried about the expansion of new homes. In contrast, a quarter of people aged over 46-years-old opposed the construction of new homes in their local area. 

Overwhelmingly, respondents would rather own a home as opposed to rent. 87% would rather buy their home in 2018, down 1% from a year earlier.  

Interestingly, home aspiration declines with earning potential and social status. 96% of people earning over £4,351 per month aim to purchase property in their lifetime whilst just over three quarters (77%) earning over £1,411 per month aspire to purchase property. 

Similarly, respondents renting privately (79%) would choose to buy as opposed to rent compared with less than two thirds (62%) of social renters. 

However, the type of home a person would choose to buy, varies greatly depending on key age demographics. Although almost half (49%) of respondents aged under 35 would choose to purchase a newly built home, this figure falls to a third of those aged over 46-years-old.    

Perception of new build property also differs greatly. Fewer than half (46%) of respondents believe that new build properties are well designed and built whilst a third (30%) worry modern homes are poorly built. That being said, over half (53%) of those who believe new homes are badly constructed, still think more residential developments are needed in their local areas. 

More medical facilities in the local area (37%), increased transport links (29%) and greater employment opportunities opening up within the local community would encourage more people to support new build developments. 

Are conveyancers noticing more buyers looking to new build property in the present? Is Help to Buy shifting perceptions of the way people view new build property in the present?    

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