LPL vows to bring conveyancing into the 21st century

New conveyancing firm LPL has promised to deliver 21st century conveyancing to its clients, allowing them to sign legal documents digitally.

The homebuying process can drag on for months, becoming ever more expensive and stressful. A significant factor behind those delays is the time taken to get legal documentation signed, particularly when clients are required to print out pages of paperwork or rely on the postal service.

LPL has vowed to change all that, offering clients the chance to sign paperwork digitally, whether on their mobile phones, tablets or PCs.

The digital signature feature is being rolled out alongside the firm’s electronic client care packs, giving customers the ability to sign the initial paperwork within just ten minutes of instruction. LPL intends to roll out electronic signatures into other areas of the conveyancing process in the final quarter of the year.

The digital signature capability is just the latest example of how LPL intends to utilise technology to improve the conveyancing process, following the announcement of LPL Cloud, a cloud-based conveyancing system which will allow clients to check the progress of their transaction, as well as upload, complete and sign forms. Introducers will be invited to monitor the progress of referred client’s transactions.

Fiaz Khalid from LPL said: “We firmly believe that bringing greater use of technology into the conveyancing process can relieve some of the stress homebuyers go through, and ensure that transactions go through much quicker. It’s a much more efficient way of working, eliminating duplication of data input and helping the environment to boot. I’m confident that our personal approach, combined with the way we are using the latest technology, is a winning combination.”

LPL, a brand new division of Read Roper & Read Solicitors launches on the 1st August 2017. For updates on the firm’s launch, check out the LPL website or email [email protected].

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