Further Ease On Lockdown Measures Announced

Tonight, Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed that the Government’s Five Tests regarding the corona virus have been met, meaning that some more lockdown measures have been lifted.

The announcement today enables a group of 6 people in England to meet in gardens and other private outdoor spaces from Monday 1st June. Social distancing is still in place, and meeting too many people in quick succession is a no no.

England’s ‘Track and Trace’ programme officially started at 9am this morning, and these new measures form part of the three weekly review period the Government said they’d used to review the lockdown measures. Track and trace has also been implemented in Northern Ireland and is set to be implemented in Scotland and Wales.

In England, primary schools are having a phased return starting next week. Secondary schools are allowed face-to-face contact from the middle of June. Shops will be re-opening their doors, albeit in a different way in which we’re used to. This all falls into line with Step 2 of the Government’s recovery approach.

However, tonight’s announcement enabling more people in England to mix from different households, means that people can see their loved ones after 10 weeks apart.

This is the latest measure in the hopes of getting the UK back to ‘normal’ following the lockdown which was implemented on 23rd March.

The housing market was re-opened in England earlier this month, in a hope to kick start the economy. The measures announced today are hopefully going to help continue the economic recovery of the country.

The devolved Governments in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are also lifting restrictions.

From Friday, people from two households in Scotland will able to meet outdoors at a distance. In Northern Ireland, small outdoor weddings are said to be permitted from next month. In Wales, people are still waiting for the Government’s next step announcement.

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