Book Review – The Conveyancing Handbook 17th Edition

Francis Silveman and her team have once again updated the bible of conveyacing to deal with the ever changing nature of the environment that we work in.  Whatever aspect of the everyday toil of conveyancing this book provides detailed information about your obligations and duties to ensure that you keep your claims record clear. 
Silverman should be congratulated as this text provides conveyancers with an easy to navigate 1200 page volume which can sit at the side of your desk for those moments when the other side make you scratch your head.  It is well written and clear.
The latest version which has been available a matter of days is updated to include the removal of HIPS and the Building Society Association Mortgage Instructions as an alternative to the CML Handbook. 
Every conveyancer should have access to the latest copy of the Conveyancing Handbook without it you are more likely to miss something or misunderstand the nuances of the activities that you conduct on behalf of your client. It’s that simple.
Many conveyancers will have read previous versions of the work but never met the Editor themselves.  Well for those of you that wonder I had the fortune of witnessing Francis Silverman at a VAT Tribunal some years ago where she was engaged as an expert witness by HMRC.  On the day this quiet lady demonstrated her considerable knowledge of the conveyancing process and came across as knowledgeable on her feet in a tribunal as she does in her written work.  She is equally impressive in real life as on the page.
If there was one criticism I would have for the text is that there are practical aspects of conveyancing that it would be helpful to cover such as what to do if the firm on the other side is intervened etc.  But that is intended to be constructively helpful rather than detracting from what is an excellent work.
Today’s Conveyancer recommends that all firms should buy a copy of this handbook every time it is produced and this copy is no exception.  Click the link above to buy it now or go to the Law Society Bookshop

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