Book Review: Conveyancing Handbook

The invaluable Conveyancing Handbook has been updated and is now in its 20th Edition.

Once again Frances Silverman and her team have produced an excellent piece of work.

The book is useful not only for essential guidance for conveyancers, but also as a measure of good practice when things go wrong.

However busy you may be with a rising market and a shortage of staff, the Conveyancing Handbook will help where you are uncertain or need a quick reminder.

Time and claims can be avoided by using this one reference point for all essential practice notes and information. 

All conveyancers should have an up to date copy of this work either on the corner of their desk or within their business as a reference point.

The preface confirms that the latest version covers new practices notes on anti-money laundering, joint ownership, flood risk, guidance on identity and bogus firms, the new law on squatters, the new edition of the Consumer Code for Home Builders and information on the Green Deal in addition to the latest updates relating to statute and conveyancing case law.

The Conveyancing Handbook is available from The Law Society.

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