Be clear about conveyancing

Guiding clients through one of the most expensive and important decisions of their lives requires a balance of professional skills and experience, together with a focus on the client’s unique circumstances. Teresa Cuesta Roca, Proprietor of Bryan and Mercer Solicitors, a long established and respected conveyancing firm in St Albans, explains how a total focus on the individual is what counts in the market today.

Our practice is all about tailoring our service to the individual client. Meeting all our clients face to face is our pre-requisite for doing business. It is the only way to establish a rapport and to ascertain the needs and expectations of each client.

It is all about understanding what each client wants from the transaction and what their priorities are, at the same time as explaining to each client the process of the conveyancing transaction, the likely timescales and potential issues. Managing expectations is essential to our success and cannot be done without a clear understanding of what each client expects from us.

In the last few years, we have strived to achieve all accreditations available to Conveyancers, starting with CQS three years ago, Lexcel two years ago but also the Legal Eye Quality Standard (we are one of the first Conveyancers to achieve the latter). The reason for this is our belief that a robust, compliant and transparent approach from the outset is the best way to build trust and a relationship that will last.

Technology has a strong role to play in assisting us to deliver the level of client care we want to give, but technology must be used to our advantage, must be managed and controlled. Yes, we need to standardise some aspects and processes but being careful not to compromise client care. We must not be constricted by technology nor let it be the guide on how to do things, otherwise we just become automatons that deliver a service, with a veneer of professionalism, backed by a PI policy.

After all, we are solicitors, qualified and trained in legal matters to make decisions pursuant to our clients’ best interests, and this is what differentiates us from the technology driven outfits which deliver conveyancing services on a “computer says no” basis.

Discerning clients will see through this quickly and will make an alternative choice if it all feels standardised. I see so many examples of poor client care, poor communication and total disregard for clients’ expectations that make me focus on the importance of client care and how to deliver it effectively.

This means that we do not just do business with anyone, online or automatically, we choose our clients as much as they choose us. This approach has held us in good stead over the years. We can afford to do good business rather than any business. It pays in the end. In boom or recession, we have applied this same philosophy successfully and know it works.

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