Bad communication between property professionals causes significant level of transaction failures

A recent survey from the Conveyancing Association has revealed nearly a quarter of property transactions have failed due to delays caused by poor communication strategies.

Out of the 1,500 conveyancer respondents, 23% claimed insufficient communication between other conveyancers, legal representatives, lenders, and estate agents meant that the home moving process was hindered and wasn’t able to reach final completion.

Conveyancers questioned had provided services within a sale or purchase property transaction, at some point between 2008 and 2014. Over half said the whole process took longer than expected and 48% had experienced unforeseen delays at some point. This would have led to difficult conversations with home movers, who expect to be given all the facts at the start and can become apprehensive should unexpected delays arise.

Many respondents (47%) thought that the parties involved in the moving process could have communicated more effectively with each other. 46% believed better communication would have quickened the whole process, leading to a more successful transaction.

This survey highlights the great need for stronger links between conveyancing professionals, and third parties involved in property processes. The demand for speedy completions is increasing, causing immense competition within the sector. Effective communication is clearly vital, not only with clients, but with other professionals, both within and external to your own company.

In order to aid your conveyancing business to reach new heights, Today’s Conveyancer are holding training sessions as part of a new programme. These are designed to provide legal and conveyancing firms with specialist customer service knowledge, directly from an industry leader.

Customer service doesn’t just involve the typical consumers to whom you provide services. This also includes employees and business associates – anyone you communicate with!

Clare Yates will lead the training, and there will be sessions held in February in both Leeds and Exeter. There will also be the opportunity to have bespoke, in-house training provided which can be arranged at a location and time to suit you.

For more information on the Today’s Conveyancer Training programme, please contact Heather Cameron at [email protected].


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