Automated document production set to reduce time spent on reports

The conveyancing report is the centrepiece of the due diligence process conducted by any conveyancer when acting for a buyer. It provides a full description of the property and its associated rights and liabilities and encapsulates the results of the conveyancer’s investigations. The report is also the buyer’s guide through the legal and procedural maze of house buying and warns of the legal and practical consequences of the most major financial transaction of most people’s lives. It has to supply all these needs in an understandable and engaging way. The importance of the conveyancing report is matched by the investment in time and expertise of the conveyancer in its production. A detailed conveyancing report can take even an experienced conveyancer a couple of hours or more to write.
Peter Watkin a practising conveyancer for over 26 years has developed an automated HotDocs template which produces a finished report in a word file ready for printing and dispatch. HotDocs is used by many of the biggest law firms to automate their document production.
“The use of HotDocs templates radically reduces document production time whilst maintaining consistency and improving risk management. The assembly process is conducted through a series of question and answer interviews. The whole process is highly intuitive and requires little training” says Peter.
“If you consider how much time the average conveyancing report takes to draft, the savings from using a tool like GATEWAY REPORT are immense. Of course less time spent means less cost and more profit. If you are a conveyancer, this is the easiest way to increase your margins.
But the time saving is not the only advantage to GATEWAY REPORT. The real gain is the confidence from knowing that you have covered all the aspects of the report, comprehensively, and appropriate advice has been issued so that risk is minimised.”
Details of GATEWAY REPORT are available at and peter can be contacted at [email protected].
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