Assistance required for mortgage advisers keen to adopt digital customer journey

New research suggests that mortgage brokers need help when it comes to delivering a digital offering for their clients.

Whilst the findings from Mortgage Brain indicated that 80% of brokers are keen to adopt a digital advice journey, it found that the majority needed support to help them do so. However, the level of assistance needed varied on a regional basis, with some areas appearing to be more prepared than others.

Respondents in the South West seemed to be most ready for the move toward digitisation, with 60% at a Mortgage Brain hosted Winchester event claiming that they didn’t require any help with improving the digital journey for their clients.

Comparatively, 90% of those surveyed in Newport felt that they needed assistance, closely followed by 85% of those asked in Leeds. Birmingham and Watford seemed to be the third least prepared at 80% claiming that they required help.

Commenting on the results of the study was Mark Lofthouse. The CEO of Mortgage Brain highlighted the importance of providing the consumer with a digital offering, particularly in light of the continual shift toward online services.

“The influence of the digital age and the customer journey is clear to see with the vast majority of advisers at our Mortgage Vision events saying the adoption of a digital customer process is an important part of their business offering.

“While the appetite for digital advice solutions is strong, the majority of advisers we spoke to are looking for help in improving their own digital customer journey. The good news is that with limited effort, single or multi-adviser firms can create a digital solution using the technology that’s already available to them.

“Mobile apps, interactive websites with mortgage calculator plug-ins, online secure client portals, digital fact finds and information sharing, and digital application submission, for example, can all be brought together to smooth the customer journey and enable advisers to offer a modern and flexible digital mortgage advice process.”

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