Ask An Expert: Could Changing Consumer Behaviour Radically Affect Conveyancing?

At a time when simplifying the home move is high on the agenda, adopting technology has yet to deliver much meaningful change to transaction times.

Today’s Conveyancer has recently been introduced to Alex Beagrie principal at who thinks he might have an unusual and unique solution. He recently spoke to David Opie and shared some of his thoughts about potential solutions.

Who are you and what do you do?

What are the main challenges the sector in your opinion?

So when it comes to stakeholders… what is missing from their home moving experience?

On the website we have a unique system that allows homemakers to filter there solicitors via best price, distance, reviews or quality of service. Having this ability enables the consumer to select their preferred solicitor based on what’s important to them. Each individual case is unique and we need to treat it that way.

Let’s talk details; where will you get your cases from?

Well, Its pretty easy to find our customers as they’ve all got for sale boards outside their houses! This being said, Pay per click campaigns, parasitic marketing, third party referrals and influencer campaigns are our main driver.

We cannot deny that Estate Agent referrals work, but, as stated before we cannot deny the brilliance of internet marketing. As we come into the era of new technology you no longer need a solicitor to be local in order to work on your transaction. Email, phone and online portals have changed the game and at Exchange Train we implement and operate highly targeted online marketing campaigns which means our solicitors get national coverage without lifting a finger.

Are there any referral fees?

We charge a small referral fee upon Exchange which means that if solicitors aren’t gaining any business then they’re not paying a penny, what have they got to lose.

Are you obliged to use a particular search provider?

At this point in time Solicitors are more than welcome to use their own search providers.

How do you get involved

A showcase version of the website is currently live and we have a registration page if you would like to get involved. People are also more than welcome to get in touch with us via [email protected] or with me directly at [email protected].

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