Are the Lyons Housing Review proposals achievable?

An independent housing review titled “The Lyons Housing Review” has been published by the Labour Party. Administered by former BBC Chairman, Sir Michael Lyons, the review presents proposals that are aimed at tackling the housing crisis.

Experts from the property industry, including the Chief Executive of the National Housing Federation, David Orr, formulated panels as a way of contributing towards the content within the report. As part of the professional discussions and roundtables, the panel submitted evidence used to support the guidance within the review.

Various housing associations have also been in support, and many have submitted their own independent evidence that has been used within the report, which you could say produces a more balanced outlook.

The key factors covered within the review include ways to increase the land supply used for residential property development, as well as boosting the volume and scope of organisations that build new homes. In order to achieve these goals, the report states communities need to be given access to the required tools in order to expand and develop.

Along with the appropriate level of housing, essential facilities such as schools and public services also need to be factored into plans. Such developments will require strong government leadership and direction, so effective delegation is achieved and communities are supplied with the resources they need.

To conclude the review, 39 summarised recommendations are set out for the next government that list how 200,000 new homes per year can be constructed by 2020. These strategies include the need to get smaller construction companies on board, encouraging local councils to get back on track with housing development following 4 decades of decline, and inviting housing associations to make a greater investment into residential property development.

According to this report, housing should be a priority of the next government and is thought to be a fundamental addition to the UK economic growth. Local government and councils need to work more closely with housing organisations in order to streamline and strengthen the planning and development process.

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