Applications To HM Land Registry Fall 10% Between July And August

Applications to change or query the land register decreased by over 100,000 between July and August.

According to HM Land Registry (HMLR), more than 1,706,820 applications were made in August.

The recent applications fall in line with the UK’s wait and see approach as many buyers and sellers delay making changes to their homes or orchestrate a sale until a clear Brexit outcome is announced.

Between July and August, applications to HMLR to change the land register fell by 10% from 1,898,283 to 1,706,827.

Similarly, the number of applications received in August reduced by 2.2% from the 1,746,974 recorded in August 2018.

339,583 application for registrations to be updated were made in August compared with 364,709 made in July.

Applications for an official copy of a register fell by 113,502 between July and August from a total of 998,656 to 885,154.

Search and hold enquiries also reduced by 6% between July and August, falling from 229,294 to 215,226.

Postal applications received from people without bank accounts decreased from 19,471 in July to 18,284 in August.

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