An enhanced conveyancing service provided by myhomemove

Arguably one of the UK’s largest independent providers of conveyancing, myhomemove, have recently launched what they call a revolutionary new online conveyancing service, e-Way.
Myhomemove say that with e-Way they intend to build on their existing conveyancing service by offering a truly unique approach to the conveyancing process, one that makes it both quicker and easier for our clients and recommenders alike.  This has to be good news for those discerning clients who require a speedy sale or purchase.
With e-Way, movers are able to complete forms online that can then be uploaded straight into their case files, they can also scan and upload supplementary ID documents, reducing the frustrations which can be caused by postal delays.  Any letters or documents can be reviewed online instantly with instructions provided as to the action required from the client for each document.
With the recent heavy snowfall across much of the UK causing the postal service to grind to a halt myhomemove clients would seem to have been unaffected because of the ability to upload their documentation direct to their case file.
Today’s clients seem to be busier and busier and not always able to attend a meeting, especially during working hours, but e-Way from myhomemove could very well change the way that clients expect their conveyancing to be dealt with.
Some firms offer updates via text message or email if required but is that now enough and are myhomemove showing us all the way?
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