Almost half of sellers have experienced a problem with their estate agent

Recent research has found that whilst almost half of sellers have experienced at least one problem with their estate agents (47%), a slightly higher proportion (48%) reported having not experienced any issue at all.

Whilst the survey from Which? suggested that the opinions are almost equally split when it comes to the experience of estate agents, the consumer group is yet to detail what the most pressing issues are.

However, part of the survey did look at how people select their agent, and what factors they base their decision on.

Responses looked at six measures, with property valuation coming out on top as the most persuasive factor. The research found that over two-thirds (65%) of sellers had their property valued serval times.

Just behind this was the fee, seen as important by just over half of sellers (51%).

This was followed by the types of property which the agent had experience in dealing with (31%), with agent reviews coming just behind at 28%.

Whilst 26% of respondents saw the agent’s track record in achieving the asking price as important, just 15% considered previous selling times as a persuasive factor.

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