Accountants’ body applies to regulate legal services

The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) have applied to become a regulator of five further restricted legal activities, on top of existing probate work.

The ICAEW say they expect the Legal Services Board to decide on the matter in the next year.

If successful, accountants will be able to hold rights of audience, conduct litigation and reserved instrument activities in respect of taxation services, as well as provide notarial services and administration of oaths.

Duncan Wiggetts, ICAEW Executive Director of Professional Standards, said: “As an experienced regulator I am confident ICAEW will ensure its members and firms provide excellent reserved legal services to the public.

“The application follows the successful authorisation and licensing for probate by ICAEW and promotes the Act’s objectives of widening consumer choice in the legal services market and of protecting the consumer through effective regulation.”

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