42% of consumers say conveyancing process is "too complicated and slow" – YouGov

An online poll of 1,314 people conducted by YouGov on behalf of Landmark Information Group has reported that 42% of consumers think the conveyancing process is “too complicated and slow” with only 4% believing it to be quick.

Nearly one in four (23%) also believed the process needs modernising, with 37% also wanting environmental information to be delivered online rather than by post.

However, the vast majority believed Solicitors provided enough environmental information with only 26% responding negatively.

Angela Gordon-Lennox, Product Manager (Legal) of Landmark Information Group said: “With everything being ‘digital’ in today’s world, people are used to carrying out transactions with speed and immediacy.

“It is therefore clear that with only 4% of homeowners saying that the legal conveyancing process is quick and 3% believing it is modern, changes need to happen in order to meet people’s evolving needs and expectations.

“A fifth of homeowners surveyed (22%) want easy-to-read information, while 37% agreed or strongly agreed that the home-buying process would be improved if all environmental information from a conveyancing solicitor was provided via the Web instead of through the post.”

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