Helping To Provide A Road To Recovery Post Coronavirus

We are reading so much about COVID-19 and we are all experiencing first hand the impact on ourselves, our families/friends. There is of course the further impact it is having on us all professionally and whether you are a business owner or employee the future appears bleak at the present time.

As a Business and Compliance Consultant, running my own business I can empathise with the current market and the uncertain future law firms are facing. I established my firm four years ago, having worked in the legal sector for 25 years and moved into compliance and running firms for the last 15 years and I have pretty much seen it all! I came together with Julian Oldfield of SGFE to record a series of webinars, as it became quite clear to us that law firms needed help. Julian is a former managing partner with 30 years’ experience, having bought and sold firms.

The fear and panic that is spread throughout may be hindering you from what you need to for the present and the future. As business owners and partners of firms, you will be looking to professionals such as the team to help you navigate the stormy waters which follow.

Whether you need a couple of hours assistance or a team to parachute in to keep your business functioning we have a team to assist.

The webinar is designed for law firms and law firm owners/managers to give you some practical assistance for your road to recovery. As a firm you must ensure that you are compliant, remain compliant and have appropriate measures in place.

We do not know in these uncertain times when things will return to normal and for now we are looking at a new kind of normal.

The one thing I would like to add is however a lot of opportunities for firms to maximise their potential for the current circumstances we find ourselves and ensure that they have a firm to come back to and grow whilst Covid-19 continues. For example, look at your Private Client Departments and what you can offer in the current climate. I have heard of firms offering extended opening hours to assist as many clients as possible. Some firms have reduced their fees to make them more affordable. These are the firms the clients will remember. It may also be those clients that help you in getting your conveyancing departments up and running post lockdown. I would say to firms, think long term as what you are doing now will have a big impact on your future.

We will be covering this in further webinars. If there is anything you would like us to cover, do get in touch.

Previous webinars include an introduction to Covid-19 and a webinar focusing on a recovery roadmap.


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