Float Like A Butterfly, Sting like a Bee

When the old boxer returns to ring for one last fight — many of us wince.  We see a deluded individual trying to recreate past glories and we know that he is doomed to humiliating failure.  I have reflected on this several times in the last few weeks — ahead of the impending launch of Search Acumen, the new conveyancing search business. After leaving the industry nearly five years ago, some people are wondering why I am returning….
This Wednesday 2nd October, the team at Search Acumen will be holding its first Quarterly Staff Conference ahead of the impending launch of the business.  Exciting times for all concerned and our Managing Director, Andrew Lloyd, has asked me to reflect on why we are launching a new conveyancing search business.   So I started thinking about the boxer again.  Only for a few seconds though because I know that I am not deluded.  Here is why.
Obviously, it is always good to join a growing market and the recent recovery in volumes have certainly provided a strong incentive.   The trajectory and length of this recovery is, of course, a matter of speculation.
The received wisdom is that Search Acumen, along with the rest of the market, will enjoy around three years of increased property transactions.  However, this is not enough to launch a new business — we need to outperform the market, be distinctive, offer customers something better.
Advances in technology and the way we harness it to home buying and selling — will make Search Acumen distinctive; allowing us to compete effectively with pre-existing businesses on service provision without the drag effect of legacy technology.  We plan to be agile and clever — nothing like punch-drunk and ponderous.
I also have the sense that the market is looking for more entrepreneurial, innovative and empathic service provision after the property volumes crash gave rise to a predominant culture where conservatism, cost-cutting and consolidation ruled the ring.  This is where people come in and the real reason why I have returned to the market and the real reason why I know I am not deluded.
Recovery and technology definitely provided me with encouragement to return  but the real reason is to work with a really talented, experienced, fun and knowledgeable team of people who I know will deliver this new conveyancing search service with great success.  This team is why we called the business “Acumen” (definition: the ability to make good judgments and quick decisions; typically in a particular domain).
Good business is always about great people — it is the essential ingredient.  A business plan is words and an opportunity is hypothetical until a committed, capable and cohesive team make it happen.
With this team in your corner, anyone would make a comeback.
Today's Conveyancer