Don’t Lose Sight Of The Values That Matter

As we look at the lessons learned during the ongoing pandemic and the change in the way we live and do business, one message that comes back is the simple truth – you cannot replace the personal touch.

At Adkirk Law, we pride ourselves on ensuring that clients receive a personal and caring service throughout the conveyancing process. Wherever a client is based, we focus on keeping people informed throughout the process, becoming as useful to a house-move as the removals team.

Conveyancing itself is more complicated in some cases than others, but compliance, communication and transparency are absolutes.

Here, the personal experience is the difference. Indeed, as we reflect how we came through the worst of lockdown, we as a team have fared consistently well, never closing our business and always being there for our clients.

When we talk to our clients, the feedback has one common message – ‘we can always speak with you and we trust you because you care, you’re personal.’ It is these values we take with us into the next chapter, whatever it may bring.

Doing business in Plain English

At the heart of this is a desire to do the right thing. Do good business, do it right and in plain English.

As an industry, the conveyancing sector has been caught unaware as lockdown halted many transactions in their tracks at various stages of the process. Indeed, we know many former colleagues who were furloughed or unable to carry on business in the normal way. Businesses closed with no one answering calls, often a message asking you to send an email and someone would respond.  There would then be silence whilst the email made its way to someone who could provide a response often days or a week later.

For consumers this has added to what is already a stressful process, a complex transaction has become even more challenging with the various health measures thrown into the mix for good measure and the threat of what happens next around the corner.

For them, where up-front costs are difficult to find, it’s no surprise that the legal profession has a mixed reputation often generating a feeling of confusion and lack of certainty or transparency.

For prospective home-movers, particularly first-time buyers without previous experience of conveyancing, that can lead to nervousness with a focus on price.

While large stack-them-high-and-sell-them-cheap firms can’t be beaten on price, smaller conveyancing firms need to fight on a fair playing field – quality of service – particularly through these challenging environments.

We see this ethos being mirrored by other, smaller firms throughout the country, and must succeed if we are to reverse a system that prioritises a cheap service over quality.

It is the only way that small companies can take a share of the market and create a thriving conveyancing business that makes sure people receive a service that looks after their needs.

Handled remotely and efficiently

Adapting and using today’s technology, we have been able to provide a platform which allows our clients to manage key documents and verification of identity via a secure portal in the comfort of their own homes. This has been absolutely instrumental to the conveyancing process during the pandemic restrictions from March to May.

Indeed, most purchases currently are largely handled remotely and efficiently, making sure progress is made despite ongoing restrictions.

Going forward, as we navigate the further features of a global pandemic including social distancing, the wearing of face masks are some personal decisions we all have to make, but we will not compromise our philosophy to be the personal law firm.

This means listening, understanding and not assuming anything. We also enjoy the personal experience ourselves of moving through the journey of the various transactions with our clients. They are individuals, couples, families who are relying on us.

It gives me great pleasure when I see that deal over the line and the people who came in to see us who were so excited about a prospective purchase have been able to realise their dreams with our help. At Adkirk Law, it’s personal – always.

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